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Despite the fact that government has imprinted equality among men and women in its constitution, women in Nepal are still living harsh lives especially in the rural parts of the country due patriarchal nature of society. Embedded social norms ensure that women are not considered equal to men; they are not much involved in decision making at any level and do not play an active role in development. Also the number of females is almost twice as likely to be illiterate than their male counterparts.

Key challenges women face today, mainly includes poverty, unemployment and social discrimination with higher percentage of domestic violence. Women are also suffering from low self esteem and a lack of confidence which makes their conditions more severe. Hence the need to reinforce their self-esteem to stand up as a local entrepreneur by overcoming the barriers within family and community is urgent for their personal benefit as well as for the society and country.

Emerging Power Nepal (EPoN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under the policy of government of Nepal Act, 2034. EPoN was established by the group of enthusiastic young women working on the diverse sectors in order to bring positive changes in the present social structure by improving the status of women through economic empowerment.

As self reliant local economy can lead to the prosperous and sustainable growth of national economy, hence there is a need to promote local skills and knowledge and enhance local entrepreneurship as well. In this regard EPoN has the motto to mainstream these local and marginalized the local entrepreneurs especially women and establish networks in various parts of the country.

The organization aims to influence those local women who are suffering from low self esteem and a lack of confidence and whose skills and knowledge have been limited to them only; thereby boosting their self confidence and empowering them to sustain their livelihood through entrepreneurship. EPoN will focus on to enhancing those skills through various capacity building trainings and activities empowering them to launch their own business as well as develop a focal outlet centre for selling their products in national and international markets. EPoN also focus on to channelize these women enterprises with potential national and international buyers who offer them more favorable conditions in financial terms, help link the women entrepreneurs with credit institutions to borrow loans and follow up to support the women entrepreneurs until they are profitable and self sustainable. Besides, continuous research will be held to discover and identify the present status of women in social, cultural, political and economic aspects; the reasons behind their limited contributions and efforts in decision making and their passive role in development.

A society where women can uphold their dignity and self respect and their leadership in every sector of the society as well as contribute to the national economy through local entrepreneurship.

To mainstream local women entrepreneurs from various parts of the country; empower and enhance their skills and products through capacity building so as to attract national and international markets.

To promote self-employment, entrepreneurship and enhance economic self-dependency of women.


  1. To introduce, preserve, collaborate and promote local skills and products & commercialize them in national and international markets so as to grow local & national economy.
  2. To mainstream local and marginalized local entrepreneurs especially women and establish networks in various parts of the country.
  3. To empower poor and disadvantaged groups especially women with various skills and capacity building programs for self-esteem, entrepreneurship, leadership and personality development
  4. To conduct various awareness and advocacy campaigns on women empowerment.

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